Komagata Yumi

Komagata Yumi

Character SheetKomagata Yumi

Name Komagata Yumi
Kanji 駒形 由美
Alias None – ???
Age 24 (??)
Wits, sexuality
Fighting Style
First Appearance Manga Act 61: “Man Without Emotion”
Height 165 cm – 5’5″
Weight 43 kg – 95 lbs
Voice Actor JP
Kanako Irie
Voice Actor US
Wendee Lee


Background & History
Personality & Appearance
Watsuki’s Notes
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Background & History

Previously to meeting Shishio, Yumi was a oiran (courtesan, note: an oiran is not a geisha) in Yoshiwara. Even ranking as one of the top oirans in all of Japan. Because of this fact Yumi has lived a relatively comfortable life in which she was taught to not only entertain her ‘guests’ sexually, but to also be able to talk about politics, social aspects, … She is beautiful and dignified, far surpassing the requirements of an oiran, she would fit in the category of a geisha much better. A frequent misunderstanding between oirans and geisha, an oiran is more commonly known as a regular prostitute, while a geisha is a woman who entertains her guest not necessarily on a sexual level (they are not forced to sleep with their clients, while oirans are).

When the Meiji government changed their view on prostitution (only allowing geisha, and abolishing the oiran status) Yumi could not accept this fact. While meeting Makoto Shishio, who shared her stance on the new government she was immediately drawn to him. Even though Shishio did not possess his good looks any more, it was the man inside she fell in love with. She joined him, to become his personal courtesan.

Personality & Appearance

Yumi as a sophisticated oiran possesses many skills other than sexual ones. She far surpassed the requirements of a common oiran. Because of this she is intelligent, very loyal too. Her appearance greatly adds to her sexuality. She always wears a kimono, which throughout the series exposes more and more of her cleavage.

Her love for Shishio and the passionate moments they share brings her closest to his heart than anyone else. A position which Kamatari (and perhaps Hōji) greatly long for. She was not destined to be an evil character, but most fans would place her in this category because of her immense loyalty to Shishio. But she was destined to be the temptress character who sided with the power hungry madman according to Watsuki-sama. Though as she appeared in the story more often, her motivation became clear, she was simply a woman driven by love, who wanted to serve her loved one as much as possible.

Watsuki’s Notes: The Secret Life of Characters

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